We are happy to make the AVMA policies, applications and other documents available through this website. Please let the office know if you have any questions about these documents or the process of completing applications.

Alfred Vail Mutual Association By-laws

AVMA Bylaws


AVMA Permit Application

Projects Requiring Permits

Other than cosmetic painting and flooring, all work done in your unit requires a permit.  Permits are not meant to be roadblocks but rather to help ensure that your unit meets local and state building standards.  They also help ensure that the high quality construction we all want to see in our mutually-owned homes is maintained.  If you have any questions about your project and whether it requires a permit, stop by the office or give us a call.

Steps to Follow

After you download a permit, meet with your licensed contractor to fill out the permit application.

Turn the application in to the office with the $10.  Once the project has been completed and passes inspection, the $10 will be applied to the utility portion of your monthly bill.

Our maintenance department will review the permit and do a site visit.  This is to help you avoid missteps or unexpected fees.  At this meeting, the maintenance staff will:

  1. Will let you know if a state permit is require for the project.
  2. Ensure that the project is within the scope allowable by the associations by-laws, we will go over the project with you to determine a potential solution.
  3. Ensure that any portion of the project that is the responsibility of AVMA is taken care of by the AVMA.

Fill out any state permits our staff advises you to complete.

Complete your project.  If at any point in the project something comes up or underlying damage is found, contact the office immediately.

After the project has been completed, first get any required state inspections completed.  Once they are done, contact the office to have the AVMA inspection completed and the project finalized.